Aluminum Alloy Pallets


aluminum pallet


single deck two way pallet - aluminum pallet

Single Deck Two Way Pallet
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non reversible two way pallet - aluminum pallet

Non Reversible Two Way Pallet
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– Optimum for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean rooms and areas that require hygiene control
– Non-flammable material: optimum for factories where Fire Protection Law is applied
– Integral welding structure: free of thorns and debris/no chink for contamination
– Designing and manufacturing reversible, four way, custom size (custom made), automated warehouse oriented pallets, strength calculations etc available
*Material JIS:A6063-T5 (partly A5052)


1. Clean and Hygienic
The simple structure is static dust free, easy to clean and hygienic

2. Durable and Light
Durable aluminum alloy welding structure, specific gravity: 1/3 of steel and copper supports higher working performance at manufacturing factories because of light weight. Non-flammable, water resistant

3. Highly Rust-Proof
Aluminum generates a stable oxidation film to prevent film corrosion. Thus, it is free of serious and significant rust.

Model#Aluminum Alloy Pallet