Cookie Policyクッキーポリシー

About Cookies

Cookies are a mechanism for storing usage history, input contents, and other information sent and received between Internet browsing software (browser) and the server as a file on your computer when you use a web page.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on our web pages as a technical means to identify logged-in members when purchasing products in our online store or using our member services, to improve customer service, and to distribute advertisements, promotions, and sales related to our products.

Allow Cookies

If you have set your browser to allow cookies, we may retrieve the cookies stored on your computer and link the collected behavioral history to your personal information. We may link the collected behavioral history with personal information. In addition, the Company may refer to cookies stored on the customer's computer via third parties to whom the Company outsources the delivery of advertisements, etc., or via web pages other than the Site, to deliver advertisements for the Company's products or to promote the Company's products.

Cookie Rejection

You may set your browser to allow cookies, refuse cookies, or notify you when cookies are received. Please note that if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to use some of the services provided by the Company.