Corporate Philosophy

The present day can be called the era of "Net & Jet".

The Internet has enabled information to spread through the globe in an instant. At the same time, LCCs have made Jets easily available to the mass. The exchange of people and products has now become dramatically active. The world rapidly keeps growing smaller.

Our mission since establishment has been to spread the value of Japan worldwide. While technological development constantly brings paradigm shifts to business, the foundation of our continuous support from customers lies in the "Free Mind".

With a "Free Mind," each staff opens new frontiers, creates new values and cheerfully advances toward goals. This is our management philosophy.

Open the Gate, There Comes Prosperity

Our founder, Shohichiro Tokuoka, received this phrase from Genryu Mitsuyama , Zen teacher of Shokan-ji Temple from whom he sought guidance since his years at university.

Keeping our mind and business widely open,
we are ready to welcome springtime prosperity.
For long term customer satisfaction and trust,
we aggressively accelerate toward
the free minded future society,

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Taro Tokuoka, Chairperson