Air Curtain



General For parking lots, bus terminals, track yards, incineration plants, meeting places, atriums, factories, supermarkets, large windows, walls etc. Provides a new solution to ventilation, heat exhaust, temperature equalization, zoning, condensation prevention. Creates Airflow Ideal for Wide Spaces The cross flow fan generates 1.1—1.7m wide rectified plane airflow. No More Ducts Ducts are no longer necessary. This greatly reduces the initial cost.Being an independent machine, installation is easy and it is easy to change locations. Very Low Running Cost The electricity consumption is as low as .3/3.9W (50/60Hz) per 1m3/min Maintains Temperature - With air curtains, you no longer need to open or close doors. - Good for places of heavy traffic: Restaurants, shops, entertainment, retail stores etc. - Maintains temperature constantly between 70-90%, cold or hot (reduces temperature change compared to opening and closing doors) Specifications   Click to enlarge Applications Click to enlarge