Vacuum Packing Robot



HIPPO was designed to ensure the goal “Ease of Use.” Powerful vacuuming performance and power-saving Eco-design. people will enjoy using the unit because of its design and flexible functions. [Specifications] Product name HIPPO Model AS-V-320 Pump efficiency -80Kpa Vacuuming speed 7L / min Vacuuming method Nozzle Voltage 100~240V, 50/60 Hz Seal width 5 mm Seal length 300 mm Sealing time 1 – 9 sec Vacuuming time Max. 60 sec Power consumption 200 W Supported bags Width: 300 mm, Thickness: ~ 0.18 mm (7 mil), flat bag [Feature List] 1. One touch fully automatic vacuuming and sealing operationsand semi-automatic modes. HIPPO has only two buttons for basic operations – start and select buttons. You can use your favorite mode as operation can be switched between the fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. 2. Can vacuum and seal even highly moist contents. HIPPO is equipped with an in-built water collection cup, therefore it can be used with confidence without any worries even if liquid enters inside the bag along with air. 3. In-built adapter supports all voltages (100-240V) in the world just by using tip plugs of different shapes. You can use HIPPO anywhere. 4. Can be cleaned easily with its detachable nozzle. The nozzle of the vacuum unit is detachable, and the portion in contact with the bag can be easily cleaned. You will soon be accustomed to using HIPPO in clean conditions with confidence. 5. Supports a variety of bags Can be used for bags with opening up to 300mm. Adjustment based on the thickness of the bag is possible by setting the seal timer . Supports various bag materials such as poly-nylon,aluminum vapor deposition, and laminations. (May differ depending on the environment) 6. Powerful vacuuming force Vacuuming performance – 80 kPa has been achieved and is 30% of the previous product. (Manufacturer data)